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Recognized as a leader in the industry, ALAW is guided by a dynamic team of industry veterans with a proven track record of success. With notable expertise and a keen understanding of the ever-changing legal landscape, the ALAW team is committed to superior performance through proactive thinking and technological innovation.


Managing Partner, Title and Settlement

Partner, Bankruptcy

Partner, Florida Foreclosure

Partner, Attorney Closing Division

James McPherson, ESQ

Partner, Default & Collections

Mark Lembright

Partner, Albertelli Law Partners Ohio

Partner, Albertelli Law Partners Ohio

Managing Attorneys

Managing Attorney, Arizona

Managing Attorney, Alabama

Managing Attorney, Nevada

Managing Attorney, General Litigation

Managing Attorney, Florida

Managing Attorney, Florida

Managing Attorney, South Carolina

Managing Attorney, Georgia

Managing Attorney, North Carolina

Managing Attorney, Texas

Managing Attorney, New York

Managing Litigation Attorney

Managing Attorney, Massachusetts

Senior Counsel

Senior Counsel, Legal Compliance

Senior Counsel, Tennessee

Senior Counsel


Executive Vice President / Controller

Executive Vice President, Default

Director, Default

Director, Human Resources