ALAW provides nationwide eviction management through all phases of the eviction process from referral to vacancy. With a network of industry-leading law firms, a staff of dedicated and trained professionals, and best-in-class technology for centralized oversight and support, ALAW’s national solution ensures compliance with applicable federal, state, and local laws and adherence to the highest legal and ethical standards.

ALAW’s dedicated team of attorneys and trained professionals are adept at handling every aspect of the eviction process and are committed to providing the highest quality performance and service so that clients are better equipped to navigate today’s dynamic regulatory environment. Due to the sensitive nature of eviction proceedings, ALAW team members are trained to manage the legal, administrative and human components of each eviction in accordance with client guidelines, while respecting the rights of occupants. With a focus on compliance and proactive timeline management, ALAW ensures that each eviction is executed seamlessly and efficiently.

ALAW’s National Eviction Management includes, but is not limited to, the following services:

  • Occupancy Status Review
  • SCRA and Bankruptcy Compliance Review
  • Eviction Milestone and Timeline Monitoring
  • Post - Foreclosure Bankruptcy Services
  • Litigation Identification and Monitoring
  • Post-Foreclosure Demands and Rent Collection for Tenant-Occupied Properties
  • Lockout Coordination