As many of you may be aware, the impact of the Show Me State Premium Homes, LLC v. McDonnell, 74 F.4th 911, 914 (8th Cir. 2023), reh’g denied, No. 22-1894, 2023 WL 5920101 (8th Cir. Sept. 12, 2023) 8th Circuit Court of Appeals case is rippling through our industry. This week, a major underwriter issued guidance indicating that a junior non-IRS lien should be listed as an exception to coverage post-non judicial foreclosure sale. As a result of this guidance, ALAW has prepared to assist its clients in all of its jurisdictions with judicial foreclosures where there is a junior non-IRS federal lien on title.

While some state courts are more familiar with judicial foreclosures than others, ALAW’s footprint and experience, as well as its relationship with vendors and peers in the industry situates the firm to immediately shift to judicial foreclosures in traditionally non-judicial states when needed. While this issue continues to develop, we at ALAW are committed to providing our clients and our industry with the same commitment to excellence in representation no matter the process.

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