ALAW is proud to be one of the top innovators in the industry today and have invested heavily back into the industry with the development of new solutions to help solve the greatest challenges faced today. Our Oversite Data Services technology company was twice named among the most innovative technology companies in the US housing economy by HousingWire.

ALAW founded Oversite® Data Services and its flagship data and business intelligence solution BestX® in 2012 to ensure the most efficient and effective execution possible. With BestX targeted case monitoring, ALAW can track milestone progression, prioritize high-risk and actionable files, evaluate attorney performance and more accurately project foreclosure timelines.



With Litigation Oversight Through BestX, ALAW utilizes automated docket capture technology to pull and attach up-to-date court dockets to each file in the case management system every week. Depending on case status and projected movement, BestX reviews each docket to identify targeted filings and reconcile case management system data with official court data.